Who are we?


xllogger is the brand name for the datalogger produced by International training and educational consultancy (itec ltd).

xllogger was conceived by Phil Godding, who looked for a simpler solution to datalogging having worked with most of the main brands over the years. With the recent developments in technology two critical factors have changed, firstly the possibility of USB sensors requiring no interface or datalogger and secondly, the development of netbooks and more mobile technology such as tablets. Excel* became the obvious choice of software, cutting out the need for third party software and providing full data analysis as well as a familiar working environment for students. The combination of mobile technology and Excel* allows for a more cost effective solution to student involvement in ICT and learning opportunities.


Phil Godding spent many years teaching Biology and Science before moving to teacher training and authoring of text books, CD’s and web based ICT in Science topics. Much of his time now is spent in overseas developmental work in Science & Technology.


Richard Beare is the software programmer for xllogger and has a long history of software development in education. As Senior Lecturer at Warwick University until recently, he produced the Warwick Spreadsheet System. He is currently doing further research at Monash University, Melbourne in Astronomy.


itec also manufactures and supplies mobile science benches for Primary and Secondary laboratories.


Our Mobile Science Bench (MSB) supports the increasing need for more flexible laboratory space and use of non-lab’ space in Secondary schools. The MSB is equipped with all the usual lab’ facilities; mains power, gas, running water, low voltage supply and can be moved into any teaching space to provide pupils with a mobile laboratory. With a Trespa surface, screw in retorts and storage space many schools find it an essential support in non-dedicated science areas.


Our Universal Science Bench is a larger lecture/demo bench with similar facilities for larger lectures rooms. It has the option of being powered by solar panels and wind turbines, a feature designed for developing countries where no mains power is available.


The Primary Science Trolley (PST) is a mains only bench for Primary schools where laboratories are usually not available.Primary pupils and you can simply wheel the PST into a classroom, take out the required equipment and allow pupils to enjoy science from a fully functional laboratory. When finished you simply put things away and wheel it back to the store room. See: www.sciencebench.com


Datalogging just got easier!

 * Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft

Phil Godding

Richard Beare